-Dr. A.GOPAL - Softawre engineer Admin officer -& Proffessor Computing engineering & Scientist Computing & Management (agriculture,forensic,medic technology,cyber security,govt admin,health care,ai) --- Dr. A.Gopal - Agriculture Comptuer Scientist engineering & Proffessor Computing engineering he is arya vysya hindu - bhratya univeristy orugallu technology india univeristy study center & india bhraitya acadamic telangana team ,cell Phone: 8185944713 www.yas.nic.in, Date: 13-3-2020, 23: 03, Indian standard time hanamkonda,Warangal city telangana iNdia
Dr. A.Gopal - cmompter Scientist & Proffessor Computing engineering interstellar mesasges india, scientific radio messages university team educaiton
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new: for India -telangana summer orugallu technology india software industry & - university stdy center - holidays year 2020 -march 15 to march 30 -,online educaiton educaiton journal runs these days ,the industry opens on 21-3-2020, university study center holidays reopen on april 2-2020, summer holidays reopen on april 2-2020,
Dr. A.Gopal - University team
Dr. A.Gopal - University team university team
Dr. A.Gopal - University team university team

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