A.Gopal -Orugallu Technology India softwre industry- Dr. A.Gopal -Associate profeesor computing - & Agriculture Comptuer Scientist & Proprietor & Managing Director & Doctor of Philsophy Comptuer engineirng educaiton Guide, Master of Philosphy Computing engineering Guide -& Associate Proffessor Computing engineering.
we are provding education with minimam fee india online , full time regular - educaiton certificate with Govt india bhartiya india acadamic scholerships avalable
orugallu Technology india software industry is A univeristy Govt india study center higher education & enginering Service industry
Warangal city. telangana, India A.Gopal--Software engineering -Assocaite Proffessro Computing engineering &Softwre enginierng Admin officer & Managment- phone: 8185944713- web site www.orugallutechnologyindia.co.in
activity-services-Softwre engineering Service,Comptuer educaiton services,Online Educaiton,scientifific technology services ,humna resource consuting services,university edycation services. office address: near university road,Hanamkonda,near Public Gardens,Hanamkonda,Warangal city-t.s-India
web site www.orugallutechnologyindia.co.in
A.Gopal-Associate Proffessor Computing engineering & Scientist computing engineirng & Management& Software engineering Admin officer & Management
Orugallu Technology India softwre industry- Proprietor- Management- A.Gopal-Assocaite Proffessro Computing engineering &Softwre enginierng Admin officer & Managment web site www.orugallutechnologyindia.co.in- cotact Phone: 8185944713
A.Gopal-Software enginierng & Assocate proffessir Computing engineering A.Gopal- orugallu technology indusrty softwareServie & Management & Univeristy Acadamic work 8 years in software industry services software enginering computer educaiton service years 8 at Hanamkonda,Warangal city-t.s-India A.Gopal-Associate Proffessor computing engineering- Software enigneer -Self employee software engineer Proffessional
ORUGALLU TECHNOLOGY INDIA SOFTWARE INDUSTRY MANAGEMENT : ORUGALLU TECHNOLOGY India SOFTWARE INDUSTRY - REGISTRATION NUMBER -A.GOPAL-SOFTWARE ENGINEIRING & associate Proffessor engineering & MANAGEMENT industry number web site - web www.orugallutechnologyindia.co.in -industry number TS31D0000829- web online with https://udyogaadhaar.gov.in
A.Gopal - Assocaite Proffessor computing enigneering computing- at Hanamkonda,Warangal city-T.s-India

siftware industry Industy service work in years- information technology ----------------------------------------------------------------------

in orlgauu technology india sotware industry - 2008-2018 -8 years jobs work in software enginierng services,3 years computer educaiton services, 2 years Computer Scientistengineering services at orugallu Technology india software industry industry service& Management At Hanamkonda,Warangal city-t.s-India
Univeristy Acadamci work in years at Hanamkonda,Warngal city-t.s-India ------------------------------------------------------------------------------

About A.Gopal-4 years worked job Assistant Proffessor(Lecturer) computing engineering private engneering colleges at Hanamkonda,Warangal city-t.s-India & 8 - Years Software engineering Services-contract- Comptuer Educaiton Services & Management -Orugallu TEchnology india software industry-hanamkonda,Warangal city-T.s-India -web site www.orugallutechnologyindia.co.in

A.Gopal-Education Qualificaitons: M.Sc(computer Sceince engineirng),M.Phil-year 2010,Ph.D-Doctorate Computing biomedical enginering -year-2018.
A.Gopal-Higest Educaiton:Ph.D Doctrate in Comptuers and information TEchnology
Qualifications:award year -2018 - Doctor of Philsophy Computer Science enignerng year 2016-2018. (subject : Specialization Scientific Comptuing,Agricultre informaiton TEchnology,human resouce Development Technology, ,Administration Technology,Educaiton computing Technology,medical technology,bio medical engineirng, health care compuing information technology.Forensic technology,a.i,Reserch methodology-cyber security,bio informatics- yEAR 2015-2018.)studied Online Doctrate -Ph.D -nelsona mandela unviersity,usa-India global center-chennai-India.award year -2018.Doctrate while working service industry orugallu technology india software industry services Scientific Computing,computer educaiton, in agricultere and health care technology.
Master of Philsophy Computing enginering-ignou -Dec- vinakya mission university-shivani colleges online-year-2010 Hyderabad-India
M.Sc(Computer Sceince-software engineirng)-kakatiya unvieristy-hanamkonda,Warangal-India .
he is arya vysya-hindu-Hanamkonda,Warangal city-t.s-India
A.Gopal-computer Scientist enginierng At age 28 in year 2008-2015 and india univeristy reserch scholars youth president web www.iyc.in,www.yas.nic.in,www.youthforindia.org ,University youth presdenet at Hanamkonda,Warangal city-t.s-india arya vysya hindu-oc-ts.India
A-Gopal-Anchuri (he is A.Gopal-Arya vysya hindu at Hanamkonda,Warangal city-t.s-India)

web site www.orugallutechnologyindia.co.in

contact Phone: 8185944713
phone: 8185944713
A-Anchuri-Arya vysya -hindu-Hanamkonda,Warangal urban-t.s-India
Oruallu Technology india software industry -Organization - Private-Major Activity-engineering -Comptuer Educaiton services-State:T.s- India
Orugallu TEchnology India Software industry,near University road,Hanamkonda,Warangal urban-Telangana-India he working as Univeristy Youth president web ,www.youthforindia.org at hanamkonda,Warangal city-t.s-India year 2008-2015

Type of Enterprise Micro Small Medium
Manufacturing A B C
Services D E F
UAN TS31D0000829
Udyog Aadhaar Memorandum - Online Verification
Major Activity Services
Social Category General
Location of Plant Details
SNFlat/Door/Block No.Name of Premises/Building VillageRoad/Street/ Lane Area/LocalityCityPinState District
1 HNO: 5-11-1305 ,university road,Hanumaan nagar,University roadHanamkondaHanamkonda,Warangal 506009TELANGANAWARANGAL URBAN
Enterprise Type Micro
National Industry Classification Code
SNNIC 2 DigitNIC 4 DigitNIC 5 Digit CodeActivity Type
1 62-Computer programming, consultancy and related activities6209-Other information technology and computer service activities62099-Other information technology and computer service activities n.e.cServices
2 72-Scientific research and development7210-Research and experimental development on natural sciences and engineering72100-Research and experimental development on natural sciences and engineeringServices
3 85-Education8530-Higher education85302-Higher education in engineering / other technical courses leading to a university degree or equivalentServices
Date of commencement 05/01/2000
Applied Date 17/12/2017
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