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Prof. Dr. A.Gopal & Management comptuer software Engineering Admin officer & Principal Scientist computing enginering & medical TEchnology enginering
orugallu india college & orugallu india software industry msme.gov.in
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Prof. Dr. A.Gopal -COTACT Phone: 8185944713
about orugallu technology india softwaqrere industry msme.gov.in this is a india micro industry which get the projects run industry comptuer web based enginering contracts from india and orugallu india college msme.gov.in which is self finnanced educaiton institutes industrieal consulting training services & but some courses with govt india ,govt telangana affilaite to univeristy courses graduate ,post graduate,Doctrate comptuer technology services,astorinomy & weather reserch & agriculture engineeirng servies &telugu univeristy comptuer educaiton services services, vedic educaiton reserch center online and offline and full time regular coures with minimam service fee industry team nsic.co.in, msme.gov.in
all courses are provding scolerships fellowships with minimam fee at hanamkonda,Warangal city-Telangana india web online www.orugalluindiacollege.in,www,indiainfonet.net oruganzation year 2017 with Govt india registration Govt india -REGISTRATION NUMBER: TS31D0000829- web www,msmedatababank.in.www.orugalluindiacollege,www.indiainfonet.net
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about Dr. a.gopal he is arya vysya hindu telangan telugu unversity team india
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Prof. Dr. A.Gopal - GOVT. INDIA MSME & orugallu india College & industry: Govt india -REGISTRATION NUMBER: TS31D0000829-wev www,msmedatababank.in,
Prof. Dr. A.Gopal - Educaiton Doctor philosophy computer educaiton univeristy guidene services,medical technology educaiton servicew with minimam fees, forensic security technology services,medical tecchnlogy web based technology services,agriculture educaiton reserch & india agriculture educaiton cosulting services with minimam fees with industry msme.gov.in team nsoic.co.in

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-- orugallu india college history -india HISTIRY- year 2020- orugallu india college with Govt india REGISTRATION NUMBER: TS31D0000829-
year year 2020- Prf. Dr. A.Gopal - univeirsty educaiton with computer science servie with Govt india with minimam fee
2008-2018-8 year professional job A.Gopal - Assocaite Professor Comptuer enginering year 2018-2022 3 year Professor computer job educaiton services at orugallu india college with Govt india online and reguyand comptuer sceinetist engineeirng & medical technology ,at hanamkonda,warangal city-Ts india at hanamkonda,Warangal city-Telangana india
in year 2020 -www.orugalluindicollege.in Founder college he is - Prof. Dr. A.Gopal founder with one lack working capital at hanamkonda,Warngal- orugallu india college with Govt india affilaite college to universites telangana. india & orugallu technology india software industry with govt india major activity uiveristy educaiton minimam fee online educaiton and regular with universites in india,telugu comptuer educaiton,Data Scientific education training educaiton services india industrial stiphends avalable
- comptuer-educaiton with minimam,foresnisic security technology services,informatiuon technoilogy univerisity educaiton with Govt india certificate scolershhips fellowships avalable Govt india subsidy -Govt telangaa subsidy avalable and human resoruce educaiton training & industrt consutling services and software industry consulting services
informaiton technology cotract industry consulting services & Doctrate Educaiton Guidence services,India univeristy Scientific reserch center
And Dr. A.Gopal India industry team online www.nsic.co.in www.msme.gov.in & india professor team University at hanamkonda,Warangal city ts india Prof. Dr. A.Gopal - GOVT. INDIA MSME & orugallu india College : REGISTRATION NUMBER: TS31D0000829- WEB SITE : www.msmedatabank.in -www.orugalluindiacollege.in
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----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Prof. Dr. A.Gopal-cotact Phone: 8185944713

email: adminoffice@edunetndia.org.in
Dr. A.Gopal - Educaiton info ts india -
Doctor of Philsophy Computing & medical technology - year 2015-2018 award year 2018 online & full time field reserch
Master of Philsophy Computing and medical technology-year 2009-Online& fulltime field reserch
Master Computer Sceence and software enginering -kakatiy Univeristy-hanamkonda,Waraangal city-Telanngana-india
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Prof. Dr. A.Gopal
cotact Phone: 8185944713
email: adminoffice@edunetindia.org.in
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hanamkonda,Warangal city-Telangana- India year 2018-2022 - 3 year Profesinal job Prof. Dr. A.Gopal -Professor Comptuer engineeirng& medicaltechnology & agricutlture technology at orugallu india college with Govt india mimam fee edcucaiton service fee -& Principal Scietist computing & medical technology service fee at hanamkonda,Warangal city-Telangana india with orugallu technolgy india software industry with team orugalluindiacollege.in, with unvieristy team -msme.gov.in contract with Govt india , with univerisity level Doctrate Educaiton services
online -www.orugalluindiacollege.in-www.indiainfonet.net,www.edunetindia.org.in and Prof. Dr. A.Gopal - India industies universities profesors team professionals Founder year 2020 Presindent profesinals india industries universites ignou.ac.in kakatiy.ac.in nsic.co.in ,msme.gov.in
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A.Gopal -year 2008-2018- 8 year profession job contract -associate professor & assistant professor comtuer jobs A.Gopal - Assocaite Professor Comptuer enginering and comptuer sceinetist engineeirng & medical technology & medical technology affiliate colleges kakatiya uiveirsty ,ignou.ac.in at hanamkonda,warangal city-Ts india
A.Gopal -in year 2011 at age: 26 in year 2011- onwards young comptuer scietist medicazl technology,agricultur technology engineeirng services,web based educaitonm,engineering services at orugallu technology india software industry msme.gov.in services at hanamkonda,Warngal city-Telagnana india
hanamkonda,Warangal cityin year 2000 at age: 18 - A.Gopal compter software enginering services,comptuer educaiton services online web based founder orugaallu technology india software industry with one lack working capital at hanamkonda,Warngal city-TElaga-india services univeirsty educaiton ,software enginering,web technology, online educaiton enginering services-year 2000-2022
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about Prof. Dr. A.Gopal he is arya vysya hindu telangan telugu univeirsty team india contact Phone: 8185944713
Admin office: uiveristy road,hanumaan nagar,univeristy road,hanamkonda,Warngal city-telagnana india evering time near Public gradens,kishanpura,hanamkonda,Warngal city-TElagnana india
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